Available Upon Request.

Special Spiritual Healing Meditations, Cleansing/Removal and Attraction Ceremonies.


Palm readings are a character-based session that look into the LIFE line, FATE line, LOVE line and LUCK line.


No tools are involved.. this is a straight energetic connection! Psychic Readings reveal past, present, future love and connect into the spiritual realm while able to answer all questions.

Tarot & Oracle Reading - $65

A session that is able to tap into the future thru the energy of the cards by looking and tuning into stronger depths of each aspect the oracle cards as they represent clarity for what is shown!


Full Life Combination - $75

$140 Value! A Full Life Combination is Samantha's MOST POPULAR and most detailed reading. It includes a combination session of PALM, TAROT and PSYCHIC! Enjoy a Full Life Reading and reveal all aspects of life.